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Cambridge Lambretta Limited - preserving classic Lambrettas since 1989. Make sure you book mark us to come back and see us again. We have been carrying out some small updates to our site, this front page is new. We aim to give you small snippets of information here, so you might be able to find what you are looking for more easily.

What We Do

We are open Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm, Saturdays 10am to 2pm. We aim to cater for all you Lambretta needs, "from a rivet to a restoration". As well as mail order, we welcome visitors, please use our map to help you locate us, plus can also offer UK and worldwide delivery on all our services including scooters. Our advise is free and above all impartial, should you need any help, advice or have any questions, please feel free to contact us
TuningThe world of Lambretta tuning has moved on from simple cubic conversion, and some port changes, using modern technology and manufacturing process we have helped to develop new exciting performance products. From Italy comes the Imola, Monza and Mugello range of alloy cylinder kits as well as the ground breaking Varitronic kits. We also carry items from Dell'Orto carbs, including a new range of power jet models, JL performance expansion exhaust and much more. For modern speed, whilst still retaining total reliability we have a product to suit your scooter, what ever your needs. We have a guide of suggested set ups, which can be seen by clicking here

RestorationsRight from when we first opened our doors in 1995, we have been producing show winning restored scooters, basing our restorations on quality and perfection. Our passion and expertise is restoring scooters to their former glory, just as they left the factory. Of course if you prefer to modernise your scooter with differing paint schemes, modern performance, or accessories we can oblige. While we will be the first to admit our restorations are not cheap, if your aim is quality and perfection, then check our restoration pages for more information.

Parts & Accessories
PartsCambridge Lambretta was the first shop in the UK for offer full online shopping, opening the world to mail order Lambretta parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the comfort of your own home you can quickly and easily choose the parts you need for your Lambretta and have them delivered to your door step ready to restore, repair, tune or customise your Lambretta. We also accept telephone and fax orders as well as personal callers, all of whom can choose from over 2000 lines of parts we have carefully chosen to stock based on our experience. Why not visit our on-line shop to see parts from Imola Racing, Casa Lambretta, Cuppini, and many other quality parts suppliers. Remember we only stock what we have tried and tested and know to work, well tell you what you are buying and what we think of it, as well as standing by what we sell we guarantee all parts we sell

Pricing Performance
We are always asked to price up performance engines, with so many choices its hard to do, so now we have a complete page dedicated to helping you choose what it is YOU want, and what you can expect from it.

Rear Exit Fuel Taps
Please be aware after having a number of complaints about the quality of rear exit fuel taps, we can confirm theses are NOT OUR TAPS. When buying from ebay or other sources please take care. There are a number of fast flow rear exit fuel taps listed on ebay that have come in from India. They are a poor copy, and they are NOT a fast flow tap. Further more, the sealing ring is not petrol resistant and more often then not fails very quickly, taps fall apart and break easily, and the nut splits due to being weak. We have tested the flow rate on these taps back to back with a standard tap, a "normal" fast flow, and our rear exit. It is alarming that these sellers are claiming (or being told) that these are fast flow taps, when quite frankly they struggle to give more flow rate then a standard tap. It further amazes us that companies selling these taps have not carried out this simple test themselves. Shocking to know you are buying parts that the sellers don't even know what the f@~@K they are! We have contacted all UK sellers of these taps as we hold UK design and copyright on a fast flow, rear exit fuel tap We spent many months of design and testing OUR taps, as well as strict suppliers manufacturing designs and processes. Don't be fooled by cheap prices, they are not as they seem.

Quick Slips

Once again our friends who brought you the rouge fuel taps that melt and don't flow properly have taken to copying (very badly) our quick slip chain guides.

You will find them all over ebay, so BEWARE don't buy green quick slips from ebay. They are weak, not made from hardened nylon, have much thinner mounting metal for the lower guide, and to date we have had numerous phone calls again complaining to us they break. If you buy SHIT off ebay, phone those people you brought it from, better still don't buy it in the first place!

Super Monza

We have a dedicated web site set up for the exciting Super Monza kit, Click Here for information and details

The first batch of Super Monzas have been delivered to our customers, beginning in November last year. Supplies of the crank, exhaust modified carbs etc have all followed on and it seems we have some banter and excitement between a few of us to see who is on the road first!

To view the products on our online shop,
click here for details

We have a mini guide on the history of the Innocenti factory, as well as the scooters and three wheeled vehicles it produced. Don't forget to visit our fun page as well, for downloads and interesting items. Take time to look around our site, sign our guestbook, and most of all enjoy your visit.


"From a rivet to a restoration"

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We always get asked this! We suggest all Lambrettas will work on the following guidelines.
Mineral oil 4%
Semi or fully synthetic 3%
A standard tank holds about 7.9 litres, from bone dry to brim. Usually from going onto reserve, to filling up quite soon afterwards takes around 5 litres.
Use the handy oil jug below, which gives a 2% measure, and then simply put in one and a half times the measure on the side.
Oil Mix Jug


We have a few Facebook groups for you to have a look and chat to other users.

The shops main Facebook page is where we post all our news, updates and goings on in the shop.

Please be aware when phoning for technical help and advice, our mechanics are fixing customers scooters and time must be devoted to this. Sorry if this sounds rude, but the level of phone calls we receive is astronomical.
We are of course happy to help as much as we can, so we respectively ask customers to call us AFTER 3PM should you need help with products purchased from us.
Don't forget we have written many help articles, which often answer all those questions we get asked. The technical help pages can be found by clicking here, it will save you and us time to help yourself.

We receive so many calls daily about carburettor jetting, it is unreal. We must stress we cannot jet your engine for you over the phone, so please do not call. Cambridge Lambretta have always suggested owners should have their engine timing, and carburettor jetting set up professionally. Should you want to have a go yourself, please read our guides online

Base jetting details for most set ups.

How to fit and adjust the jetting on your carburettor.

Thank you for your understanding