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Cambridge Lambretta Adverts

Tubeless Wheel

Tino Sacchi first looked at a tubless wheel back in 2001, and begun by manufacturing the tubeless alloy you see here from a solid billet of alloy. Due to the extremely high cost of the solid bullet of alloy, with just one breaking during the machining process, this was enough to make the whole process un-economical to continue.

The wheel was looked at from a fresh start and point of view, a modern wheel for a Lambretta. The wheel was continually developed and changed until this first prototype was built and tested.

The wheel although tubeless, was still manufactured in two halves meaning a road side or easy repair could be carried out if need be. With some manufacturers wheels on the market, certain tyres can be difficult to fit, and almost all tyres are very hard if not impossible to remove. Thus once your tyre is worn, you will need to cut it off! With the alloy tubeless split rim, of course this is not the case!