Commission Sales

Commission Sales
Do you want to sell your classic Lambretta?

If you wish to sell your classic scooter but do not want to do this yourself then let Cambridge Lambretta and our years experience in the world of scooters assist you.

Your scooter will appear on our global internet web site which attracts thousands of visitors each month.

We will present your scooter in a way that will compliment its appearance and assist us in achieving its maximum potential.

Your scooter will be kept securely in our alarmed showrooms and will not leave our sight until it is paid for in full. You are not bound by any contract so if you decide not to sell you can collect your scooter at any time and there will be no charge whatsoever.

We can offer our customers a choice of scooters, finance, credit and debit card payments, delivery service, upgrades, accessories, and a level of service you would expect of a market leading Lambretta dealer.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to sell your scooter, there will be no charge at all. It's that simple, so why not contact us discuss your classic.


How much does this service cost?


There is no fixed charge for this service; we earn our commission only if we can sell your scooter for slightly more than your asking price.


How does it work?


We agree:

  1. the figure you wish to achieve and
  2. the figure that I will market the scooter for.
This enables you to ensure there is only a reasonable difference between the two figures. Please bear in mind we are a VAT registered garage, credit card fees and we have to garuntee the scooters we sell are fit for purpose. Once sold, any issues are our issues, mean while you still have your money.
If we achieve the full asking price the fee is the difference between the two figures. If we sell your scooter for less than the asking price our fee is reduced. If we recieve an offer under your asking price, we will contact you so you can choose to accept or continue to sell.


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