Customers Scooters

We are building a new page for customers scooters, one where we aim to show a Lambretta owner from every country in the world.
If your country is not shown here, please send us a side on view of your Lambretta, and a short descrition as we would love to show how universal the passion of Lambretta is


Graham - Australia Andre - Brazil Damor - Canada Ozren - Croatia Tom - England
Nicolas - France Avil - Isreal Jaehyeong - Korea Andrew - Malta Sidney - New Zealand
Gary - Northern Ireland Steinar - Norway Gianfranco - Peru Debbie - Scotland Christo - South Africa
Josep - Spain Kenneth - Sweden Chris - Switzerland Cemal - Turkey Kevin - USA
Andy - Vietnam

Pictures of more customers scooters we just had to show as well, some countries have more then one Lambretta dont you know!

Tim from Australia  Mark from Malta Gunnar Fjeld from Norway Gunnars second Lambretta Patrick from Scotland Christo from South Africa - Before and the samje scooter - After Klaus and his girlfriend from Switzerland Vicky from Scotland Ryan from the USA and his Police spec series 2 Kevin from Kings Lynn 1964 TV175 Frankies SX200 Allen Wells Marks Li Special Keith GP200 Tony Cook 1966 Li 125 Special John Li Special purchased from us Chris from Southampton TV175 owned by Tommo Trevor Askey and his self restored scooter. Jim McManus originally from Peterborough, but now moved south Serveta by Ron Flesch Mark Flameboy Shoes Wilson (his name is a long story!) This is Mark's second scooter, both purchased from us.  Unfortunately during the restoration of his first scooter Mark some how managed to set fire to a few things, including his scooter, not on purpose we might add.  So along came the second version, nice quick Imola engine to match the good looking restoration Mark himself carried out. thought I'd send you a pic of my finished GP150 Italian model that I have built myself with a little help from you guys Finally after to many months hard work we have a picture of Shaun Askey's scooter Hi guys just sending you a picture of my S2 named out on the floor. Been meaning to send the picture of ModCon in for months - Mugello 186, 12 volt electrics etc etc converted by yourselves i thought you would like to see the before and after pics of my lambretta li150 silver special i purchased from your company Mugello equiped special from Mark, lovely looking scoot, and quick to boot! last year i brought a Lambretta Li125 S3 from you. i've just had it resprayed and thought you might like to see a picture. Mr Colpin restored his Li Series one in under six months - Stunning as well! Here's some pictures of a ser2 that was brought into the UK by Cambridge Lambretta Just thought I'd send you before and after pics of the scoot I bought from you back in April 2004. Thanks for the work re-building the engine.

Please note we have not restored any of these scooters, these are simply our customers scooters.


Customers Comments

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