Thank you for purchasing one of our rebuild packs, in this rebuild pack you will find the following parts (some parts are dependant on specific model)

Rubber kit, which includes, front mudguard gaskets, horn cast side gaskets, horn cast base gasket, leg shield rubbers, side panel rubbers, rear light unit gasket (not in S1/2 kit), air scoop gasket, handle bar grips, and a brake pedal rubber.

A tip on fitting rubbers is to soak them in hot water prior to fitting; this makes them supple and easier to fit.

The floor kit consists, alloy channels, rubber inserts for channels, end caps, rear plastic floor strip set. It also includes our stainless steel kit number 2, which includes all nuts, bolts, washers, clips to secure the floor kit, including the two special top hats for the outer leg shields, also in stainless.

Stainless steel fixing kits, 3 through to 8 which are as follows:- 3) Front body work which secures the horn casting and front mudguard 4) is the rear body kit which secures the rear mudguard, panel brackets, and bridge piece. In Series 1 & 2 kits, items to secure the number plate backing are included. 5) Is the wheel kit which gives enough nuts and washers to secure the two wheel halves together, and then the wheel rim onto the hub, for both front and rear wheels. Kit 6) secures either one single seat and its bracket, or two single saddle seats, including nylon seat spacers. 7) Fixes the stand to the frame, and includes two strengthening brackets to support the frame where it normally cracks under strain. 8) The headset, secures the head light rim, headset top, speedo retaining ring, switch housing, and the switch itself.

A tip when securing fixings onto painted surfaces, is to grease the painted area prior to fixing, this will stop the fixings digging into new paint.

Finally the kit includes two bolts, nuts and washers for the frame leg, tool box surround rubber, tool box door grommets, air box fixings both top and bottom. For the petrol tank, we supply the strap bolt and trunnions (not the straps) fuel tank rubber buffer kit, the fuel tank drip tray and fuel drip felt. Leg shield beading top and bottom clamps (GP we supply the "sharks teeth" finishers), with their bolts, a pair of stainless steel lever bolts and nuts, and the rear frame plugs in the body rubber colour. We supply both the kick start and stand feet in black rubber as this was the original factory colour.

Top tip, stainless does corrode, and can very very hard to drill out, or undo when this happens. To stop stainless binding, always assemble fixings with a light covering of grease or lubricant.

We hope you find this kit useful in rebuilding your Lambretta; there are many items you may need also, which again are not included as every restoration is individual to owner's needs and requirements. Remember we do stock a large range of parts in both original and stainless steel. All of our rubbers, badges, trims, seat covers etc are sourced from original manufactures to Innocenti, and we believe we supply the best quality items currently on the market, and at an affordable price. We have been restoring Lambretta scooters for over ten years, and have completed well over 50 Lambrettas; attention to detail is in our eye, the thing that separates a "restored Lambretta" from the rest of the crowd.