Serveta Headlight renewl / repair.
Late model Serveta headlight units with the side adjusters are almost impossible to find now, and with the cost of re-chroming them high, the best bet is to use our instructions here ot make your own.

Carefully cut the glass away from the reflector, a shape Stanley or Craft knife is best, and of course it goes without saying be very careful, and take your time. Gently work your way around the sealant which holds the glass and reflector together, and eventually it will become free from the reflector.
Take your time and clean up the glass, scrapping all the sealant away from the outside of the glass. Then with hot soapy water, give the lens inside and out a good wash to clean it all up.

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Cut or grind of the lip for the bulb holder from the rear of the new reflector.
Glue or silicone the refletor inside the old one. Leave overnight to dry.
Silicone the glass back onto the reflector, again leave overnight to dry, job done!