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The works shops at Cambridge Lambretta are always a busy place, many of the questions we are asked, the information is on our site so you dont have to wait to ring, e-mail or contact us. You might just need to have a quick, look for it.

So to hopefully save you time, this is a list of questions we often get asked, chances are one of the answers may help you! If they do not, or you need further help or advice, then do please feel free to ask, we do not bite and advice is always free!

General Lambretta Ownership Questions
  1. Petrol, oil and mixtures
  2. Gearbox Oil
  3. What colour was my scooter originally / what is the paint colour / code
  4. Where do I find my chassis and engine number
  5. Should I tune my Lambretta?
  6. I have an electrical problem!
Questions on products or services we offer

  1. How much is an engine rebuild
  2. How much would it be to restore my scooter
  3. Have you got part X for scooter Y?
  4. How do I order, receive and pay for the part(s)?
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Petrol, Oil and mixtures
With the petrol you should use the highest octane rating you can find, Shell Optimax or Super Unleaded for example. The use, or should we say non use of leaded fuel does not really affect Lambrettas other then more heat build up as Lambrettas do not use valves etc. Lubrication is carried out by the fuel and oil mixture.
Lambrettas run a 4% mix as standard for their fuel to oil mix, that is they did in their hay day with the quality of oil that was available. If you run your Lambretta on mineral two stroke oil, continue to use 4%. However, with the newer blended or 100% synthetic oils, you can reduce this to 3% which as well as being cleaner burning, it will also reduced carbon build up smoke from the exhaust. The one thing to consider is that by running less oil, your Lambretta will run slightly richer due to the viscosity of the mixture, but this will normally be offset by the fact with mixture should run through the jets easier.

Consider using an oil measuring jug to take the guess work out of adding the correct amount of oil. These jugs give a 2% mix, so it is easy to add one and a half measures, or two measures depending on the percentage you require. Oil Jug

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Gear box oil
All early models including A, B, C, LC, D, LD, E & F run SEA30 in their gearbox. one half a lite will be adequate.
All later models run ST90, again a half a litre is sufficient.
Many owners will notice that in the manuals 0.7 litres is advisable, or fill to the level plug, whilst this is fine you tend to find that to much pressure can build up within the crankcase and put pressure on the oil seals, causing premature failure due to the age of machines. One important note is all S1/2/3 engines, the filler plug is also a breather plug, and care should be made to make sure the breather does not become blocked.

What colour?
If you wish to return your scooter to original, more often than not, your best place is to look inside the horn casting, as this paint rarely gets removed or subjected to the elements that makes paint fade. If this is so take it along to your local car (auto) paint supplier who will match it up for you. You will need to chat to the person/company who will carry out the re-spray, to find what kind of paint they use, (i.e. 2K cellulose etc.) also asking the type (speak to them for more details). You could also visit the Lambretta club of Great Britain as they have a colour listing for models and years of Lambretta. Visit here for details

Chassis and frame numbers Early pre 1957 models, the frame number can be found on the right hand side of the frame. It is on the vertical part, just in front of the rear wheel. The engine number is also found on the right hand side, at the front of the engine near the two large filler plugs. On all S1/2/3 models the frame number is found by taking the kick start side panel off. On the main frame tube under the fuel tank, the frame number is found there. On some very early S1 models, the frame number was further forward nearer the tool box. The frame is always prefix with the model type, EG Li150*123456, and contains six digits. The IGM (Italian type approval number) follows this. Engine numbers can be found on the top of the engine, directly in front of the rear shock absorber mounting, but it is partially covered by the gear linkage and cables.

Where to find your frame number

Should I tune my Lambretta?
First we need to ask you a question. What do you use your scooter for? Around town, down the motorway (freeway), bit of both? In the UK, a scooter is mainly used for perhaps a daily commute to work now and then, and the odd 9 or 10 rallies a year. Two entirely different tunes are needed to satisfy your needs really one to give good acceleration around town (bottom end speed) and one to give good cruising speed (top end speed). As always a compromise is needed between the uses of your scooter. If ultimately you want reliability, no tuning is recommended (Innocenti after all did spend thousands, millions in today's money, designing, testing and refining you scooter). profiled heads build up too much heat, out and out tunes alter the appearance of your scooter and need the most attention to keep them running. If you do want to tune your scooter, then choose somebody with a reputable name to carry out your work, asking where necessary what happens if it all goes wrong, important if you do not have anybody close by to maintain and fix it. Ultimately you will need to look at improving the rest of your scooter as well, things like cranks, clutches, bearings, and not forgetting the brakes, as these will all effect the reliability of your scooter. Out and out tuning can be ok where done properly, but you will need to look after your scooter more, be prepared for increased wear and tear!

I have an electrical problem
95% of all electrical problems are caused by a bad earth or faulty connection(s)! Check and clean all surfaces and connections were the fault is. The reaming problems are usually the component itself, in which you will need to usually have this replaced if it cannot be repaired.

How much is an engine rebuild?
This is difficult to quote on as we will not just replace everything in sight. What we do is a complete strip of your casing including all studs and fixings, it is then cleaned, checked, and rebuilt to correct specification and tolerances, engine using new seals, gaskets, bearings, clutch, etc. Additional item(s) found needing replacement will be advised upon. If your requirements are in anyway different i.e. tuning, porting, etc. contact us for an individual quote
All our engine rebuilds carry a three month back to base warranty as standard, but one thing to remember is if it does go wrong (although we don't believe it will!!) your distance away will affect our ability to help you, as with anybody you trust to do your work.

How much is a restoration?
Best thing is to give us call, as the restoration process is very long, and expensive. The cost to restore your pride and joy is always more then the value of the scooter, and with current trends of keeping every thing original (its only factory fresh once) you need to consider the reason and cost to restore.
Our restorations include:-
For a start we strip, blast, de-grease all your parts right down to the last nut, bolt and washer. Then when we have checked, welded, panel beaten, repaired you parts where needed, we will commence restoring you pride and joy. The price also includes chroming, zinc plating, powder coating all auxiliary items, nuts, bolts and washers, with all panel work painted using quality 2K paint. Badges trims, rubbers, etc. etc. are all brand new, along with seat covers, tyres, cables, wiring, the list goes on. Take into account that this service includes the above engine rebuild and the price gets better. At the end of all this you will have a show winning "toy".

What scooters do you currently have for sale?
All of our scooters for sale can be seen online. These pages are updated daily, so if you see a scooter that interests you, you can telephone us for more information or to secure it! If it is listed on our web site it is still for sale as the moment one of our stock is sold, we mark it on the web site. You should refresh the page you are looking at to make sure you have the latest information, details of how to do this are on the Machines for sale page
All our machines for sale can be found here.

Have you got part X for scooter Y?
If it is a Lambretta, the answer is 99% yes, as we stock a huge range for most models form the early D and LD's, right up to GP's and Serveta's etc. The 1% probably covers earlier main panel work. That is not to say we cannot locate an item we do not stock for you, along with any parts we may be temporarily out of stock of, we will search the world trying to locate your desire, usually within a day or so. We are currently building our stocks with quite a few Vespa parts, both original or replacement.

How do I order, receive and pay for the part(s)?
Order :- Lambretta can be done on our ever expanding shopping cart, just press a few buttons and a parcel will be shipped out the next day (subject to availability). Other ways to order any parts are by phone, fax, e-mail, letter, or personal visit.
Receive :- as soon as we process your order, it will be shipped by a UK company called Parcel Force. They are basically the national letter and parcel organisation, all items are insured and recorded for your peace of mind. Payment :- cash, personal cheque, international money order, bank transfer, and the majority of credit cards plus the odd sheep or camel may be taken! All cheques or orders should be made payable to C.L.W. ( this stands for Cambridge Lambretta workshops) and the only currency accepted is Pounds Sterling (you will need to talk to your own personal bank if you need details of this). Then :- we will always contact/tell you with the final total bill including all taxes and shipping costs etc., before shipping unless you tell us different.


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