The Imola & Monza Cylinder kits

Cambridge Lambretta was the first appointed UK dealer for these fantastic cylinder kits, and have always been at the fore front of Imola, Monza and Mugello cylinder kits, helping to develop and improve them as we went along.

The Imola and Monza range of cylinder kits offer the highest levels of performance performance combined with reliabilty for all engine case sizes. Alloy cylinders, Nicasil lined, reed valve induction, high quality pistons, central combustion heads, all combine to make the Imola and Monza give you the highest power option for all round use.
  • The Imola & Monza alloy cylinder kits are a high performance kit.
  • 186cc cylinder kits means your 125 / 150 / 175 casing can achieve 20 to 24 bhp at the rear wheel.
  • 200 & 225cc versions are available for 200 casings. The 200cc gives good performance and acceleration, and the 225 gives more torque = pulling power.

IMOLA 186 kits

The 186 kit is the tried and tested kit for all small casings, it performs like no other kit on the market with reliabilty to match.
Performance is unrivelled on small engine cases, with the 186cc Ultimate versions using the larger style reeds, matched to a Dell'Orto PHBH 30mm gives pretty good economy as well for such a high performance engine. Although standard looking exhausts such as the Ancillotti can still give good performance, the Imola is truly unleshed when matched to an expansion exhaust.

MONZA 200 & 225 kits

200cc cylinder kits give good acceleration and good fun, and still retain a good degree of fuel consumption, whilst the 225 version offer more power, speed and torque.

Need more advice

For prices, details, options, and more details of what you need to build an engine with a Imola or Monza kit, including which carburettor or exhaust to go for, please visit the What We Reccomend Page

Imola History. 1999 saw a prototype of the Imola cylinders, in the UK the first showing came at the Euro Lambretta Jamboree in Durham 2000.
Cylinder V1 1999 These came with a recessed inlet reed mounting, initial pre production kits came supplied with a GOL manufactured piston. These were subsequently recalled and replaced with a piston specifically made for the Imola. Initially the reed block gasket was paper, this was then replaced by a much thicker rubber version early 2001.
Cylinder V2 June 2001 This was updated to allow the reed block to moved further away from the cylinder. Transfers were improved by both adjusting opening and duration timings, and adding more material for use with further tuning.
Cylinder V3 April 2002. Exhaust and inlet, and transfer timings were changed, improving power output and derivability.
Cylinder V4 Sept 2009. Inlet finger port elongated, and transfer timings were changed, central combustion chamber head, seven stud fixing. Out of the box power using a JL4 is now 21bhp!
Ultimate Version August 2011. New larger reed valve assembly. Out of the box power using a JL4 is now 22+bhp!


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