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Please note :- We try to keep our machines for sale page as up to date as possible. It is a complete list of all machines we currently have, or are due in soon.

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Lambretta Li 125 Series 1

Stock Number :1117
Price :£ 1995
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :White / Blue
Year :1960

Project scooter, ready and ripe for a restoration. New side panels, all other body work is salavable, other then the legshields have had the lip trimmed off them. Other then that a good restoration project.

Lambretta TV175 Series 3

Stock Number :1134
Price :£ 11995
Condition :Restored
Colour :White / Blue
Year :196?

Please noteThe scooter currently put together, and all complete except the engine
Every one who comes in the shop and sees this scooter comments on the colour and how good it looks.
Imported by us from Italy many years ago, it was sold to a gentleman who did nothing with it for years. We brought it back off him, and proceeded to strip and restore it. All painted to original Innoenti colours for the TV, we have part assembled it into a rolling chassis.
The price is for a bog standard finished scooter, with standard 175cc engine and set up.
Should you want this building with a performance engine, any thing from a Gori / GT kit /Mugello / Monza / Super Monza or even the Targa Twin, we would be happy to do this for you as well, of course this would incurr additional costs.

Lambretta Li 125

Stock Number :1143
Price :Sold
Condition :Restored
Colour :Peppermint
Year :1962

Price has just beed reduced by 1000!!!!
This scooter really is nice, if you want an understated lovely scooter, which is quick and reliable, built with good quality parts, then ignore all that shit on ebay and other sites. and come and have a look. Whilst you may think this is more expensive then the tat on ebay, you can buy this in the knowledge of knowing there wont be any hidden bodges or put to getether with cheap rubbish that would have needed replacing after 35 miles. Buy cheap, but twice, buy this and just enjoy it, ride it and polish it.

Restored originally we think by Scooters in Style, this Li 125 still looks good, clean and shiney, we think it has seen little use since. Its owner had the scooter sent over to us when he brought it, and we then installed a Mugello engine, JL exhaust to give it some modern speed and reliabilty.
Comes complete with front disc, adjustable front dampers, this scooter has been restored and converted with no expense spared.


Stock Number :1144
Price :£ 10995
Condition :Restored
Colour :Silver
Year :196

This Vespa GS Mescerschmitt was restored with no expense spared, by us a few years ago, and has been lovingly cared for ever since. This lovely rare Germnan built model has something of a twist to it!
We fitted a PX engine, which was then tuned and kitted with a Quatrinni engine, modern Pinasco 24mm carb, Varitronic, Performance exhuast, all with hign end crankshaft. bearings, seals clutch etc.
Usually when you fit modern engines to the old Vespa models, you buy an engine conversion craddle, cut the frame abit, and then it all fits. We didnt want to butcher this beauty is such away it would be impossible to turn it back to original without mahjor surgery. SO we went into great detail and expense to make sure the engine and associated parts were fitted with minimal modifcations to any thing.
As well as a super quick lovely engine, the modern silver paintwork, chrome detail and high quality parts used during the restoration makes the stunning little Vespa a touch above the rest.
Finally if this style and engine are not your thing, every thing including the original engine, headset - which was all painted at the same time as the rest of the bike so it matches perfectly, are all included in the sale.

Vespa GS 160 Mk1

Stock Number :1145
Price :£ 6250
Condition :Restored
Colour :Grey
Year :1963

Restored Scooters In Style based in Southend some time ago, and has only covered just over 900 miles since, spending the first part of its post restoration life in a tempreture controlled bubble apparently! All original matching frame and engine numbers, this GS160 engine was rebuilt using original and standard parts, standard exhaust etc. The scooter has since been re registered as a learner legal 125cc.
At the time of restoration (we believe some 15 + years ago) the chrome work was redone, including forks, wheel rims, flywheel cowl, headset switch housing, gear change and levers etc.
The scooter has original jag lights, mudguard embellishers and a rear number plate / rear light trim.
it looks lovely in its grey paintwork, but please bear in mind this is not a fresh restoration. Some of the chrome work has pitting, the front mudguard has bubbles in rhe paint.

Lambretta Li 150 Series 3

Stock Number :1147
Price :£ 2495
Condition :Project
Colour :White/Blue
Year :196?

Clean and tidy Li, all up and running, we have fitted a second hand electronic ignition to it, so it purrs along quite nicely. Got some wierd parts fitted to it, namely the headlight and floor runners, but an ideal cheap and chearful run around. Not rust or rot, fitted with single twin seats, rear spare wgheel carrier and a couple of mirrors Scooter is an import, we have registered it on the NOVA scheme.

Lambretta TV175

Stock Number :1154
Price :£ 4995
Condition :Overhaulled
Colour :White
Year :1963

SO CHEAP - Early TV175 third series, all in plain white. Has been restored in the past. still looks nice, its one of those scooters that is not perfect but it means you can go out and ride it and enjoy it without worrying about it raining or getting dirty!

Lambretta Li 125 S3

Stock Number :1156
Price :£ 1895
Condition :Project
Colour :Blue
Year :1963

Pretty straight condtion really, couple of little dings in the side panels. but nothing major. The scooter has had the normal Italian I cant be botherted to take any thing off before I ge tth espray cans out and paint every thing in sight paint job. BUT, this has help to keep it in solid condition, with very little rust.
Engine does turn over. but the back wheel is locked, so we susspect an issue in the gearbox or clutch area, but considering this is a restoration project thats not an issue.
The scooter is an Italian import, we have declared NOVA, so you can register with no issues when your ready to.

Lambretta SX 150

Stock Number :1157
Price :£ 4495
Condition :On The Road
Colour :White
Year :1967

Nice useable SX150 fitted with Mugello 186 top end, Dellorto carb, Clubman Exhaust, Varitronic ignition. Although the paint work is not perfect, it is a good machine that has a shine to it and could easily been made into a little stunner.
A few accessories as per the picture include sprint rack, mudflap, balloon grips, mirror etc.

Lambretta GP200

Stock Number :1158
Price :£ 8495
Condition :On The Road
Colour :Yello Ochre
Year :1969

Very reluctant sale, it is only due to illness that the current owner has decided to part with his pride and joy <

We don't have much paper work history for this scooter, other then every MOT since the year 2000.

It was restored originally in the very late 1990's by Bedlam scooters, and registered for the UK roads in 2000.

Painted work is spot on in lovely Yellow Ochre, and the correct exact silver for all the wheels, forks etc.

The current owner is a self confessed anorak of minute detail, he has always got a kick out of reseaching the correct parts for his scooter right down to manufacture dates, stamps, markings etc in parts. So with this in mind, his obsession kicked in, and he took all the pattern parts off, and replaced them will all NOS.
For example it has all the correct fasteners for the wheels, floor, forks every thing thing you can imagine. The ignition switches, steering locks etc are all correct NOS parts, even down to the detail of the correct key number range of the GP model.

The scooter is totally original in terms of engine, 6v electrics , and runs perfectly smooth and lovely. The attention to detail is excellent, no nasty cheap switches, no pattern parts, no rubbish.


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