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Please note :- We try to keep our machines for sale page as up to date as possible. It is a complete list of all machines we currently have, or are due in soon.

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Lambretta LD150

Stock Number :1101
Price :£ 2995
Condition :On The Road
Colour :White / blue
Year :1956

We don't get the LD models come up that often, as they tend to want to much work, or they have other issues, but this one is all ready to go. It was the subject of a pretty comprehensive engine rebuild a few months ago (by us) including new crank, seals, bearings, clutch, Varitronic ignition system, so if you have always fancied one of these, this is ready to go. It has been re painted in the past, the paint is nice, but by no means perfect as it shows its age and its been used.

Lambretta D125

Stock Number :1103
Price :£ 2295
Condition :On The Road
Colour :Biege
Year :1954

Overall this is a pretty original scooter, paint work etc. The engine and mechanicals are all good, being fully overhauled and up graded.

Lambretta Li 125 Series 3

Stock Number :1110
Price :£ 3295
Condition :Original Machine
Colour :Grey
Year :196?

We have not seen one this clean for many years, it really is that nice patina machine you just couldn't restore. Every thing about this scooter is just right, down to the original running in slide, paint still there on the handle bars etc. Original grease nipple cables, every thing works as it should do, it starts, runs well quite nippy for what it is, and even the brakes stop you. Lights, horn all working, original tool roll holding spring and every thing.
The scooter has just passed its MOT, we have the LCGB dating letter and have sent off to the DVLA for UK registration, so this scooter will be ready to ride away very soon. Correct Li 125cc meaning its learner legal!

Lambretta Li Series 2

Stock Number :1112
Price :£ 2995
Condition :Original Condition
Colour :
Year :196?

Really nice original platina Li 125cc second series. We have just got this in from Italy, we have had it running on "carburettor cleaner" and we will prep and prepare the scooter and let you have more details as soon as we can.

Lambretta GP200

Stock Number :1113
Price :3995
Condition :On The Road
Colour :Yellow Ochre
Year :1977

One of our lovely GP200 models from a few years ago, these were the nearest thing you could get to a new machine, brand new body work, engine, forks, wheels every thing, then painted in an original Yellow Ochre. New SIL GP200 engine, which has done 9 miles!

Lambretta Li 125 Special

Stock Number :1114
Price :2495
Condition :On The Road
Colour :Black
Year :1968

Li 125 Special learner legal! All registered, on the road, will be sold with full MOT. Tax and insure it, and off you go! Its painted black, very black, in fact black Hamerite on the frame and legshields, and black paint every where else.

Lambretta Li 125 Series 1

Stock Number :1115
Price :1995
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :Blue
Year :1959

Nice solid restoration project, all complete and ready to get stuck into. Panel work is not to bad really, quite straight. Engine mount to frame tube has cracked and will need rewelding on. Engine appears siezed.

Lambretta TV 175 Series 2

Stock Number :1116
Price :Deposit Taken
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :Yellow / Blue
Year :1960

The original barn find, we believe one owner from new, nice UK plate, all complete except for the seat. Make a lovely restoration, could also be used as is for that perfect rusteration look.

Lambretta Li 125 Series 1

Stock Number :1117
Price :1795
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :Yellow / Blue
Year :1960

project scooter, legshields have been trimmed, no side panels, headset base is broken. Other then that a good restoration project.

Lambretta Li 125 Series 3

Stock Number :1118
Price :2295
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :Blue
Year :1962

Repainted blue at some point in its life, but a good solid example of an early third series Li. Ideal for the learner legal amoungst you!


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