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Please note :- We try to keep our machines for sale page as up to date as possible. It is a complete list of all machines we currently have, or are due in soon.

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Lambretta Li 125 Series 1

Stock Number :1117
Price :£1995
Condition :Restoration Project
Colour :White / Blue
Year :1960

Project scooter, ready and ripe for a restoration. New side panels, all other body work is salavable, other then the legshields have had the lip trimmed off them. Other then that a good restoration project.

Lambretta GP

Stock Number :1126
Price :TBA
Condition :On the Road
Colour :Red
Year :198?

Lambretta GP body work, wheels, forks, etc all restored in India using 2 pack paint, in Innocenti red. More details to follow, as we are preparing the scooter in our workshops for sale. Sorry no price or other details at present.

Lambretta TV175 Series 3

Stock Number :1134
Price :P.O.A
Condition :Restored
Colour :White / Blue
Year :196?

Please noteThe scooter is not currently put together, we have loosely put the body work on so you can see in general the condition and beauty of the scooter. The panel fit is therefore not correct within these pictures.
Imported by us from Italy many years ago, it was sold to a gentleman who did nothing with it for years. We brought it back off him, and proceeded to strip and restore it. All painted to original Innoenti colours for the TV, we have part assembled it into a rolling chassis.
At this present time, we can continue to restore it and you could choose the specification of the engine, seat, and other such items.
Price wise it really would depend on your specification, you could buy it in its current state and finish it off yourself, cost is currently £7995
For a bog standard finished scooter, with standard 175cc engine and set up, the cost would be in the region of £10,00 to £11,000
Should you want this building with a performance engine, any thing from a Gori / GT kit /Mugello / Monza / Super Monza or even the Targa Twin, we would be happy to do this for you as well.

Lambretta SX150 - Super Monza 225cc

Stock Number :1135
Price :9495
Condition :Restored
Colour :Yellow
Year :1968

Super Monza powered scooter, in lovely yellow pearl, with carbon fibre stickers for the badges. Fitted with all the toys you need and more, built with the best possible specification parts. Originally we built this to be the demonstrator, but we never got round to promoting it as well as we should have, so infact it has only ever been used for fun by me. New indian engine case, which has been built with all Ultimate products, Ultimate race crank, 225cc reed valve Super Monza blue printed kit, hand built expansion chamber, uprated Varitronic with mapped ignition with additional shift light. Six plate clutch, power jet carb, Ultimate bearings and seals, you name it, this engine has it. Fitted with SIP speedo with low fuel warning light, volt meter, detonation sensor, shift light, LD glove box etc. Stunning scooter, does have some battle scars, but still a good looker. This scooter is FAST, infact very fast, but unlike the hyped engines on the market at present where they make their peak power at over 11,000rpm, the Super Monza makes its power from 5,500 to 8,000!

Vega 75

Stock Number :1136
Price :TBA
Condition :Original
Colour :Yellow
Year :1968

Very orgiginal one owner from new Vega 75cc. Purchased from a local Cambridge dealer, this scooter was used for commuting daily until it was laid up and stored for many years.
The engine is seized at present, but other then that this is a lovely little original model.
More news and price to follow when we have appraised the scooter properly.

Lambretta Li 125 Special

Stock Number :1137
Price :1995
Condition :For Restoration
Colour :Primer
Year :1966

Imported in from Italy, this 125 Special although partly stripped is all complete. Solid no visible rust, it has been rubbed down of sorts, and a layer of primer put over it. Geat base for a lovely restoration.

Lambretta Li 150 Series 1

Stock Number :1138
Price :1995
Condition :For Restoration
Colour :Primer
Year :1959

Again another import from Italy, again another started and failed restoration attempt. This has been stripped down, covered in primer and then, well just abandoned! There is a box with all the parts that have been stripped off it, and as far as we can see it all looks complete of all the major and important parts. Non frame breather model.

Lambretta Li 150 Special

Stock Number :1139
Price :3995
Condition :Original
Colour :White
Year :1964

Good clean Li 150 Special, starts, runs, brakes, lights and horn all work, every thing you need to enjoy it! UK registered, this would make an ideal restoration project, or you could use as is. The scooter has been painted in its life, but other then that it looks nice and orignal.

Lambretta Li 150 Series 3

Stock Number :1140
Price :5295
Condition :Restored
Colour :White
Year :1963

Restored series 3 Li, complete with Casa 185 cylinder kit. Engine was rebuilt with all new seals, bearings. crankshaft etc. Single colour white, black seat, spare wheel, sprint rack.

Lambretta 200

Stock Number :1141
Price :4995
Condition :## NEW ##
Colour :White
Year :1986

Fancy a brand new Lambretta?
4 miles and it has never been registered..!

This time warp Lambretta 200 has just arrived with us, having been stored for all its life. Initially this was given to the AA - it has their asset number badge stuck on the rear frame part. 4 miles recorded on the speedo, most of those have been pushed to be fair, as it moved from the shed to us! We are hoping to make some workshop time to appraise the scooter further, and to see how well it runs and works.

Of course having been stored for many years, there are one or two little marks on the scooter - the Spanish paint work for me doesn't seam to be a robust as it could have been. Other than that, everything is as it left the factory, the tyres, nuts bolts, bulbs - everything.


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