Super Monza

Super Monza, the complete solution to going fast,

The complete solution

The Super Monza is the first total solution engine ever to be built from start to finish with one thing in mind. Non stop performance from the moment you open the throttle, the torque delivered by this engine is second to none, and provides levels of performance never seen from a Lambretta engine.

Every part of the Super Monza kit has been designed and developed for maximum power, whilst retaining excellent reliability because of the way it delivers power. Many tuning shops, home tuners and kit producers can often claim high horse power from their engines, this is relatively easy to achieve, but the Super Monza delivers the following :- Sub power delivery is strong at 20 BHP between 4,000 to 5,500 rpm. Main power is delivered at 5,500 to 8,000 rpm at 30 bhp. The torque line between 5,500 to 8,000 is completely flat at 20 ft lbs.

As mentioned the Super Monza is a total solution kit, it requires every part of the engine to be detailed in every way, and as such it is not considered a bolt on kit. It must be used with all suggested components and there can be no short cuts on any thing

From the moment you decide the Super Monza is the kit for your Lambretta, we will work hand in hand with you detailing every specific part you will require to build your engine. From carburettor, to the crank, from the Ultimate Varitronic to the specialist bearings, to the expansion, all parts of the engine will be vitally important as each other.

As mentioned the Super Monza is a total solution kit. We sell each part seperatly, so if you want to purchase the kit bit by bit you can. It is always very hard to give somebody a ball park figure on building an engine as it really depends on if you give us a donar engine, and how much of it we / you can use.

To price the major components you would need to use to build an engine, we have made a couple of links to our online shop at the Cambridge Lambretta online shop. Once you press the link, it will load all of the "suggested" parts into your page. You can then browse the list and its prices, adding or taking away and parts you need or do not need. It is done this way as we constantly adjust our prices, and so by linking to our online shop, you will always have the most up to date price estimate. Other parts will be needed.

Click here to price all parts for the Ultimate works Super Monza Version Click here to price all parts for the Factory Super Monza Version
Please bear in mind you would need a 200cc casing with auxillarly parts, porting work to the case and mag. You will need a specific gearbox, front sprocket and other consuamble parts to build a complete engine.


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