The Mugello Cylinder Kits

The number one cylinder kit for your Lambretta, with proven quality, years of service, years of touring and rallies, years of racing wins, and most important of all RELIABILITY.

The Mugello range of cylinder kits offer excellent performance combined with reliabilty for all engine case sizes. Alloy cylinders, Nicasil lined, high quality pistons, central combustion heads, all combine to make the Mugello an unrivalled cylinder kit for your Lambretta.
  • The Mugello alloy cylinder kits are a high quality performance kit, offering great all round performance, as well as extremely high reliabilty.
  • High capicity 186 or 198cc cylinder kits means your 125 / 150 / 175 casing can have more performance then any standard 200 kit, so you can build decent reliable performance without needing to change your existing engine case.
  • 200 & 225cc versions are available for 200 casings. The 200cc gives good performance and acceleration, and the 225 gives more torque = pulling power.

Performance is as expected dependant on the set up you use, the beauty of the Mugello range is that they have been designed for both performance and reliability. You can use any thing from the small PHBL range of carbs, right up to much larger carburettors such as 26 & 30mm. Because the Mugello retains the traditional family of port layouts as seen on more conventional Lambretta cylinders, the choice of exhausts is equally large. Standard exhausts, to fully blown performance systems can all be fitted.
Where the Mugello differs from almost all other cylinder kits currently on the market, is its construction is entirely of alloy. Along with a light weight piston, the Mugello gives a smooth and comfortable ride, balanced with reliability due to the similarities of expansion and contacting of the cylinder and piston.
From the start the Mugello was looked at in terms of what could be offered to the customer, in the end we believe along with the manufacturer we have developed a perfect cylinder kit.
In standard format the Mugello cylinder retains all original looks for your Lambretta, whilst on the other hand giving you modern performance. From a standard 186cc set up you can expect from 14 to 16bhp at the rear wheel (remember factory figures are quoted at the flywheel A Factoryt SIL200cc engine produces 8BHP at the rear wheel). By adding a performance exhaust, you could even achieve figures of 17+ bhp.

186 & 198cc kits

The 186 kit is the tried and tested kit for all small casings, it performs like no other kit on the market with reliabilty to match
How ever the newer 198cc kit would be our chosen option, with some modifications we make to the kit before it reaches you, it gives more power, speed and torque then the 186cc kits.

200 & 225 kits

200cc cylinder kits give good acceleration and good fun, and still retain a good degree of fuel consumption.
We only supply the 225cc kit in tuned format, this gives much better top speed and torque over the 200 kits, but also drink a little more fuel

Need more advice

For prices, details, options, and more details of what you need to build an engine with a Mugello kit, including which carburettor or exhaust to go for, please visit the What We Reccomend Page


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