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Spare parts

Every part we stock for your scooter can be found on our online shop! Click here to view

We keep a large range of parts in stock for all Lambretta models, our motto from a rivet to a restoration rings true for the vast amount of spares we carry for all Lambretta models.

We can ship any part to any country in the world, and have customers in most countries you care to mention. We do use courriers where full tracking is available, and although

We can supply parts for open framed models such as Model A, B, C, LC, D, LD, E & F, as well as parts and accessories for Vega, Lui and J range models. All other models are covered in our series three section, this includes Li, Li Special, TV, SX and GP models. This also covers Indian made models, and Serveta models made in Spain.

We have parts manufactured specifically for us, as well as supplying parts from all major quality suppliers such as Casa Lambretta, MEC, Cuppini, and many others. We work on the principles of only supplying parts that we are happy to fit to our own scooters.

With E-bay awash with cheap pattern parts, it is sometimes difficult to compare our products and prices with those from other suppliers. We maintain we will only supply the best parts currently avaialable, and consider quality far more important then finding the cheapest parts we can. With this in mind many of our parts supplied even of good quality to us, are adjusted and modified before being resold

We were one of the the first UK shops to have a presance on the internet, and the first to feature full online shopping. We pioneered letting our customers know where the parts are sourced, and offering our opinion on the qualirt of them. Our online shop even works out the postage costs for you!

We have a hugh online parts and accessory shop, where you can browse all the parts we have, as well as the prices - including shipping costs ANYWHERE in the world.

The main shop can be found by clicking here, this will take you to the front page
for more specific models, we have seperate catagories which can be seen on the left hand menu.
If you are unsure of which model you have, we have a guide to different Lambretta models here
A quick link to the different models are as follows

  • Series three This covers Li, Li Special, TV, SX and GP both Italian and Indian
  • Series one and two both the Li and TV variants.
  • Model A and B the very first models of Lambretta.
  • Model C and LC these two models began to sell well for Innocenti.
  • Model D and LD all versaions from 1952 to the last Mark three 1957 models.
  • Model E and F the budget scooters of the E and F versions are covered here.
  • Vega and Lui The Luna models 50cc and 75cc including the Cometa.
  • J range J50, J100 Cento, Starstream and the Super Starstream.
  • Lambro we have a limited range of parts for the three wheeled Lambros from Lambretta

Short video showing just some of our parts dept