Ever since the doors first opened at Cambridge Lambretta (and even before) Trevor was restoring scooters back to original condition whgen ever one else was cutting them down, chopping them and customising them. Trevor has continued his passion for stunning machines, restored to the highest standards. We have restored and supplied Lambrettas to customers around the world and although our restorations are not cheap, they are carried out to the highest standards.

To list exactly what we do in our restorations would make this page to large. Basically we take the Lambretta and strip it to the last, nut, bolt, washer including all the engine, forks, frame etc.

Every thing is then sorted out into parts that we keep and parts we don't. The frame and all body work is sent to be blasted and prepared for further finishing.

Frame, forks, fuel tank, tool box, hubs and wheels, as well as main frame with all other panel work is repaired and prepared for the next stage. These are then sent to the paint shop, and into the oven to receive the paint work. We can finish your scooter in two-pack, this paint although not original, is highly superior to the materials that were originally used. We can also match the paint to original Innocenti colours, or you can decide you own colours.

The engine case is stripped bare, and is then cleaned and returned to its original condition in terms of repairs and finish. The engine is fully rebuilt using mainly new parts, really the only parts of the original engine we use is the actual case and the gearbox. All new quality parts are used, including :- crankshaft, piston, clutch, chain and guides, bearings, stainless steel studs and nuts are used. We build the engine to your specification, including any performance enhancements you may require.

All other parts are then finished with their respective plating or polishing methods. Then when we have all the parts we have restored we begin the rebuild.

We use all new rubber trims, seat covers, badges etc to complete the fully restored scooter. When finished your scooter will be better then when it first left the factory. Whilst this may sound premature, we mention this as we can now work with modern materials, alloy cylinder kits, 2K paint, electronic ignition, stainless steel fixings, plus a whole host of other modern technology used. We still though respect the tradition of the Lambretta, its history an heritage to give you that classic scooter.

The time we take to restore your scooter depends on our current work load, but typically we would on average around six months (we nearly always have a waiting list to take into account as well when planning your restoration). Cost is hard to quote for as every scooter is individual and treated as such, currently restorations start at around £10,000. Whilst you may think this is expensive, the only reply we can offer you is that we guarantee you will be totally satisfied with your finished scooter.

We post any details and updates of the restorations we are working on at present on our :-


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