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  2. Crankshaft - Ultimate 58/116

    Our Part Number : 1KE503

    Price : £399.95

    Qty In Stock : 3

    Original Part No : 22212150

    58mm stroke, 116mm rod The Ultimate Super Crank, quite frankly we believe this to be the BEST crankshaft on the market today.Ideal for high end motors such as Super Monza, Super Imola, RB etc. Of course they will work on any engine at all, and should you want the best crank money can buy, then look no further.

    The longer conrod length ensures a smoother, more balanced, and slightly higher outpur in terms of performance, and is out preferred crank conrod length. Tested to 12,000 RPM, the biggest benefit of the Super Crank is its far superior balancing. Due to unique balance and weights, the Super Crank is smoother and more highly balanced then any other Lambretta crank we know of. Please read further down for percentage balance weights.

    Forged Con rod: Accurate machining and treatment with larger tapered passages for a proper lubrication for all moving parts & Nickel plated.
    Pin bearing: large small ends pin bearing which better support the load. High racing quality big end pin bearing with silver cages and removable pins (18 instead of 16).

    Crankshaft: Forged and hardened steel, which are then accurately machined, and balanced according to application. These cranks can be supplied balanced to suit different con rods and pistons. The balancing is obtained by proper inserts in the webs of the crankshaft. The webs of the crankshaft are also full material, plugged; this helps with compression and helps torque!

    As a comparison, the best other crank we tested on a Monza / Mugello / TS1 type piston came in at 18.5%!
    We recommend that the weight of the piston be within the following limits. Minimum weight 240g, maximum weight 340g.
    If you have a piston that weighs more or less then this, we would need you to weight all components, piston, rings, gudgeon pin, small end bearing and circlips, we will then have a crank manufactured for your specific requirements, although there would be a one to two month wait.

    Percentage Of Balance For Pistons

    Piston - Piston Weight *Approx

    *Includes all Aux parts Percentage of Balance

    Mugello / Imola 186 - 250g - 50.65%

    Mugello / Imola 200 - 292g 44.50%

    Mugello / Monza & TS1 - 336g 38.5%

    Mugello / Monza 240 /250 - 336g 38.50%
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