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Unless there is an estimated restocking date in the parts details page, we are unable to guess / know / estimate when we will get more stocks of that part back on our shelves. If there is a date, this is only an estimated date of arrival to us. We may need to modifiy, adjust, complete, make a kit, before the items go on general sale.

Why do you run out of stock??

  • Sorry to say there has not been one central Lambretta parts warehouse backed by the manufacturer since 1971, so we work hard to get the parts you need onto our shelves.
  • We try to stock all our items on the shelf 100% of the time, but of course there are times when we run out or cannot keep up with demand. If this happens we dont know when we will get more stocks, the reason being :-
  • We source ALL of our Lambretta parts from about 7 major wholesalers. Two in the UK, three in Italy, then one each from Indian and Vietnam.
  • When we place an order with these companies, we typically order 50 to 100 + items at a time. We have collate an order that is economically viable to be sent to us. This means we cant just order one "widget" from say India, as the postal costs would be too high. We order in bulk.
  • These suppliers in turn have to manufacuture / source / gather our order together from their sub suppliers or manucaturers before sending to us.
  • As we bulk buy (this keeps your prices low) we tend to ship by the most economical method possible. This can mean orders from India / Veitnam can be 4 to 6 weeks on a boat. Even orders from Italy are sent via pallet service, and can take 4 to 8 days to get to us.

Due to the large turn over of goods, we are unable to advise when we expect part in, or advise when they do arrive. We suggest you keep an eye on the website, as our stock levels are updated numerous times throughout the day.



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