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  2. Varitronic - GP Ultimate

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    The Ultimate version of the Varitronic is strengthened version for high power output engines. We would suggest engines making 20+bhp need ones of these.
    As with the standard Varitronics, this is a complete electronic ignition system which includes the following :-
    Stator plate, flywheel, CDI, lighting regulator, instructions, wiring diagram and spanner.
    This new system gives around 10 degrees of advance and retard, pre programmed for the best power curve. AC and or DC from one system, 90 watts of power! Fully tested on Imola, Monza, Mugello and even TS1, this high quality system has been found to improve power output by as much as 1bhp. While this may not sound a lot, by gaining 1bhp just from an electronic igntion system is very good. Power is also developed earlier then with static timing. This unique system supplies 2 sparks per revolution, meaning the system helps to fire the waste exhaust gases out to the exhaust. The Varitronic has also been proven to cut exhaust emmisions to such a degree that certian Lambrettas fitted with this would even pass the current Californian emission laws!
    On standard cylinders and some types, power may not be gained, but you have the benefit of a high quality reliable system that is not prone to the failures of Indian systems.
    Sourced from Italy, quality excellent
    N.B. on high power kits you should choose the modified Varitronic. Kits such as RB, or tuned TS1, Imola, Rapido, any race tuned scooter, if the scooters output is more then 20bhp you will need this option, we will not garuntee the Varitronic unless the strengthened option is chosen.

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