The People Behind Cambridge Lambretta

Cambridge Lambretta Limited
4 Caxton Rd,
St Ives
PE27 3LS

The People!
Trevor Peat
is the man and the brains behind the whole operation. Trevor has been a scooterist right from his nappy days, starting out with an old converted caravan behind his house way back, friends and fellow scooterists used to pop round and Trevor would sort them out! Eventually Trevor worked out that he could just about manage to pay the bills with a shop proper, took the plunge and started Cambridge Lambretta Workshops. His knowledge is astounding regarding Lambretta, as hundreds of restorations prove! Oh and his personal scooters include a perfect, genuine, never restored original GP200, Model D, Vega, and a rather nice Targa Twin
Peter Bowden
Peters other talent when not surfing the Internet and answering your e-mails, is fitting petrol tanks and tools boxes into the painted frames at the start of a restoration. He does this to annoy the others into carrying on his work so the scooters get restored, rather than us all drinking coffee and because he cannot manage anything else! Peter is also supposed to be the "parts specialist", but "what the bloody hell does this fit" shows he is still being trained in this aspect of his work! Scooters include a Super Monza powered S.X and a Lambro Van.
Jorge Iggleden
Yes his name really is George spelt with a J, following on from his brother and sisters name begining with a J! Jorges passion is cars, lowered, slammed, tricked, and modified, Jorge can usually be found modifying his car. Dont worry, he also owns a Lambretta or two, and comes from a family of scooter riding members. Grandad owns a kitted Vespa, dad owns a Mugello clad SII, and Jorge loves small frames, and fast Lammies.
Ian comes to us with a life times experience in the motor trade, we say a life time as he is getting on a bit, and Trevor employed him as part of the care in the community scheme (only joking). Ian as well as picking orders, answering the phone, and doing every thing else, is also a scooter owner and is quite capable of a good cup of tea as well. Ian version IIVX replaces Ian Mark IIV as the mail order specialist along side Peter. Ian's seems to change his scooters more then his socks, and currently rides an SX 150 with full Mugello 198 set up.........!
Sue Redman
Sue's scooter is the 7 port Imola test bed, as it is quite often having new parts that need testing fitted to it, Sue does not get to ride it as often as she would like. What with the scooter always under testing, two children, Sue had to take up another hobby and now has a mad passion for gardening. Sue's first SX150 scooter which has now been sold on, was restored by Trevor and Sue and won quite a few awards for its concourse condition.
John Abbott
We just told John his scooter looks c**p here and he is about to launch off on one, until we snap his photo and he realises what we are up to! John the Mod Abbott, original Cambridge Mod, and once a **** always a ****, well thats John's favoruite saying, but needless to say we cant repeat that on here :-) John owns two pretty nice scooters, an Li Special with loads of chrome and gold plating, kitted with a Mugello and other such toys, and also a Series one with all the mod toys. John's help is part time, but invaluable none the less!
The shop's history

You have seen the Web site, now take a look around the Workshops and meet the people who operate it. It may or not be nice for you too see who you are communicating with down the end of the phone or through the Internet!

Cambridge Lambretta started life way back in 1989 working from a converted caravan! Basically to serve the local Lambretta Club in Cambridge, members would pop along to get their scooter fixed or restored. Really done as a hobby, local riders used the facilities and Trevor's expertise, to not only get their scooters repaired, restored and generally look after, it was also a meeting place as well.

Then in late 1994, Trevor took the decision to move to more suitable premises, and thus started Cambridge Lambretta Workshops as a full time operation in early 1995 as a full time shop. Cambridge Lambretta quickly established itself as a well known restorer, supplying quality parts, service, scooters, and all things Lambretta. At first it was Chris and Trevor at the helm, but after a couple of years Chris left the workshops to pursue another career. 1998 and the business was picking up more and more two part time workers were enlisted, Jason and Peter.

2001 came along and for years the promise of we will move to bigger premises really had to take place, any body who visited our old premises could see that it was not soon enough. Luckily enough a larger building in the same yard came up and so we jumped at the chance to take the building over. Handy really as we did not have to change all that paperwork and advertising, same address, same phone number, just five times the size, perfect.

The new building was basically an old shell of a building, no electric's, no water, no nothing. Over a period of four months the shop gradually took shape, we now have a dedicated and separate show room, parts department and workshop, to cater for all your needs. An upstairs was built into the building for future use, as well as much needed storage space, as our level of stock had grown to about 150K worth of parts. Next to the main building we have also taken on a large lock up garage to hold some of the scooter we have for sale.

Staff wise, Cambridge Lambretta began to grow from day one, many local customers and City of Cambridge Lambretta CLub members were often found helping out in exchange for work on their own scooters. This continued for a couple of years, but after Chris left it was plain Trevor could not run the business on his own with two part time workers. In May 2001 and Trevor finally hooked Peter to work full time, Peter came from the Motor trade having worked for some large specialist car dealerships including Volvo and Porsche, operating multi million pound parts departments. Peter quickly grew the parts sales side of things, concentrating on quality and price, something we have become well known for today.

Early 2002 and as the business was as busy as ever, Jason became full time. Jason for a number of years was part time, specailising in the restoration side of the business. Today Jason has expanded his knowledge of Lambrettas so much, he is now part of the parts team, giving people the benefit of his knowledge on the phone as well as taking care of the parts orders with Peter. From time to time, with a spare five minutes Jason often darts off into the workshop to keep his tool collection in working order!

2005 sees us taking on Ben part time on Saturdays, Ben has been a long time friends of Trevors and is a trained motor vehicle technician, mechanic to you and I but we have to call them by their flash names today. Ben's expertise became apparent and so was taken on full time to assist with the ever growing number of scooters that are needed of service, repair and restoration. We have also nick-named Ben the anorak, as his attention to detail and quest for perfection and knowledge is second to none.

The current shop has been totally rebuilt, and features two scooter show rooms, a large workshop with three scooter bays with hydraulic lifts. The parts department in housed at the back of the building, and a purpose built top floor was added to the whole length of the building to accommodate yet more stock
All of our painting, chroming and associated work is carried out off site as we quickly our grew these premises. We also have a very large display of imported Lambrettas out side the building, as we often have over 100 Lambrettas in stock.

Short video showing just some of our parts dept


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