The Varitronic Ignition System

The Varitronic is a high quality electronic ignition kit, which features variable timing to promote better power from your Lambretta engine!

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As standard Lambretta engines feature a fixed timing system, whether with the factory points and condensor, or uprated electronics. To gain maximum power from your two stroke engine, increasing the ignition timing, or advance, give hugh leaps in power gains. The down side to increasing timing is at high revs the cylinder is working exteremly fast, temperature and pressure increase to such a point that melting of the piston occurs. To overcome this and still give you maximum power low down (useable torque) the Varitronic is pre programmed to advance and retard the ignition timing on your Lambretta.

As well as offering up to 10 degrees of advance and retard with its pre programmed power curve, the Varitronic is capable of supplying AC and or DC from one system, 90 watts of power! Fully tested on Imola, Monza, Mugello and even TS1, this high quality system has been found to improved power output by as much as 1bhp. While this may not sound a lot, by gaining 1bhp just from an electronic ignition system is very good. Power can also be found to develop earlier then with static timing. This unique system supplies 2 sparks per revolution, meaning the system helps to fire the waste exhaust gases out to the exhaust. The Varitronic has also been proven to cut exhaust emissions to such a degree that certain Lambrettas fitted with this would even pass the current Californian emission laws!
The Varitronic is a complete electronic ignition system which includes the following

Stator plate, flywheel, CDI, lighting regulator, instructions, wiring diagram and spanner.

Scootering Magazine featured the Varitonic in December 2004 issue.

All indian flywheels weigh about 2.6kg, which is not the ideal weight for a Lambretta crankshaft on a tuned engine, especially when you put more power through the scooter. We can and do machine Indian flywheels to make them lighter and better balanced, but we can still only achieve about 2.00 to 2.10 kg in weight. The new Varitronic flywheels come in at 1.85 as standard, an ideal weight to give a good responsive pick up, and perfectly balanced for the crankshaft. The flywheel itself is on one piece construction, and then a nylon fan is added for cooling. All this fits under the standard flywheel cover.
Stator Plate
A tuned engine really needs an electronic ignition, because increased RPM makes points bounce and become unreliable. Electronic ignition aids starting and produces a better spark keeping the engine firing in time with every revolution. To advance further on this, the Varitronic ignition has an advance and retard feature, which varies the firing point depending upon revs. The stator plate is at the heart of the new electronic kit, and is pre programmed at the factory for the best possible power curve for your scooter. We have worked with leading manufacturers in Italy to achieve what we believe is an ideal system for any Lambretta, standard or tuned. Made from modern quality components, the stator provides a much cleaner spark
CDI and Regulator
CDI & Regulator
The CDI and regulator is sourced and made in Italy. The new CDI produces a cleaner and stronger spark, aiding in performance and reliability. The regulator can be used as A.C. or DC so for those of you wanting to power a battery for water pumps, extra lights, radios or what ever have no need to buy or change any components. Output from the new system is 80 watts, more then adequate for powering good Halogen bulbs and many other accessories.

On some cylinders and some types of tune, power may not be gained, but you have the benefit of a high quality reliable system that is not prone to the failures of Indian systems.
Basically an overall view of how the system works is as follows, which can also be seen in the fitting instructions :-
Timing when the stator is positioned fully advanced will give you around 21 to 22 degrees when the engine is not running (you cannot check this). When you scooter is at fast tick over it will advance around 2 degrees to 23 to 24 (you can check this with a strobe. When fully retarded, depending on how hard your scooter revs, this figure can go as low as 12 to 14 degrees. The thing to remember with the Varitronic is by setting much lower timing, you may loose some top end power, but by running this far retarded your engine will run cooler and safer. The reason we prefer to be this far retarded is the Varitronic by nature of its twin spark system can run hotter, thus the need for more retard. Regarding the possible loss of top end power, you should bear in mind by the time the Varitronic system retards further then 17/16/15 degrees (it does most of its retard at between 4 to 6000 rpm), most expansions will have given up making peak power, so we feel it is not worth trying to hang on to a higher state of degrees as the end result probably will not work with most expansions and gear ratios. The gain in terms of power from the Varitronic is a good increase of power in all bar the top end, so some trade of in terms of power output will be needed in most cases.

Visit our Help & Instructions Page for technical specs, fitting instructions and further details of the Varitronic


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