Terms & Conditions

  • Cambridge Lambretta Workshops Do not, and will never sell, rent or give access to your private details to any third party.
    • All orders placed with Cambridge Lambretta Workshops are subject to the terms listed below. No variation to these terms shall be valid or effective. These do not supersede statutory rights under the Sale of Goods acts (for the UK) but are designed to clarify the principles and procedures by which we work.
    • Payment terms:
      Dispatch will not take place until payment is received in full. This would include when paying by cheque, the release of cleared funds by your bank.
    • Prices:
      Charged for goods will be those current at date of dispatch. Cambridge Lambretta Workshops reserve the right to amend your order to the correct current retail price of all items. Shall the price be less than quoted we will proceed with your order. In circumstances where the retail price has increased beyond our control we will contact you to confirm you still require the item(s) on your order before we dispatch it to you.
    • Currency:
      All prices on this site are quoted in pounds sterling (currency symbol £). Payments must be made in pounds sterling (credit card sales will be charged in your local billing currency by your credit card provider). Cheques and other methods of payment will only be accepted payable in UK Pounds Sterling
    • VAT:
      Prices shown include Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT will be charged on all sales to residents of the EU making personal purchases. If a valid EU VAT Registration number is provided at the time of ordering, goods will be shipped to non-UK residents of the EU net of VAT. All purchases made by customers outside the EU are charged at VAT free prices.
    • Duties and local taxes:
      Purchasers are responsible for any duties and or taxes levied at the point of entry into the destination country. An invoice is provided with all goods shipped, parcels and goods are shipped as "Vintage Motor Scooter Parts".
    • Delivery:
      Every effort will be made to achieve delivery dates quoted on the web site, by telephone or any other media, but we will not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect or consequential arising from delay in delivery. In the case of parts out of stock after an order has been placed and paid for, the seller will repay the buyer the price of the said parts or offer an alternative delivery date at the buyers discretion.
    • Shipping/carriage:
      The final price quoted on our shopping system includes delivery and packing to your stated destination for estimation purposes only.
    • Guarantee:
      Cambridge Lambretta Workshops undertake to replace or credit customers for items which have failed due to genuine design faults or bad workmanship. Items that show damage through misuse will not be considered for replacement or credit. We remind customers to assess the condition of the product before applying for a replacement or credit.
    • Return of goods:
      We do allow the return of goods not to your satisfaction, how ever you are responsible for return carriage charges. We reserve the right to charge a handling charge on returned goods where appropriate.
    • Cancellations:
      Orders may not be cancelled once in transit.
    • Claims for loss or damage:
      Shortages or damage should be advised within 3 days of receipt. Claims after this period will not be accepted. The carriers delivery note should be endorsed "received damaged / open / missing" where ever possible.
    • Specifications:
      Every effort has been made to ensure that items in the current price list are accurately specified and believed to be fit for the purpose described, how ever the specification of the parts may change from time to time, pictures are for illustration only. No warranty to this effect is given and no responsibility can be accepted in the event of injury or damage arising from an error or misdescription.
    • Force majeure:
      Cambridge Lambretta Workshops and its employees shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, delay or non performance of any contract arising, directly or indirectly, from any cause outside the control of the company.
    • Confidentiality:
      Cambridge Lambretta Workshops undertake to exercise all reasonable precautions to keep information supplied to us by customers strictly confidential. We use our customer information to advise our clients of our goods and services that we feel will be of interest to them (unless expressly instructed otherwise in writing) but the information is not sold or supplied to an outside agency.
    • Disputes: This contract shall be governed by English law and English courts shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute that might arise save that the company may institute and maintain proceedings in respect of this contract in any country. Proceedings against a foreign customer may be served by post addressed to them in any consulate of their country or residence or nationality