Bolt on Front damper kit

The kit consists of one pair of front dampers, one pair of bottom clip on brackets and one pair of top bolt on brackets. Fit the bottom brackets first, undo the two front hub nuts, and remove the washers also. Fit the bracket so that the stud is in front of the hub axle, there is a locating peg that fits inside of the link opening, the washer fit in front of the tab, then re tighten the hub nut.

On the top mounting, you must use a 9mm spanner on the shoulders of the shaft, against the 13mm nut. If you use two spanners on the two nuts and try to tighten the bracket in this way it will break on the shoulder.

If you check on your forks, there are two indentations on each leg, fit the top brackets so they are around 5mm lower then these marks.

Once the bracket is fitted to the fork leg in the desired position, then fit the damper and tighten the nut to secure this.