Instructions for 4 / 5 / 6 plate clutch kits. (last update November 2008)

  1. Fit your crown wheel and spider checking that the crown wheel turns freely when tightened down firmly.

  2. Dry Fit. Fit your clutch pressure plate only (without the springs) to check that it sits as near on the floor of the crownwheel as it will go with out any obstructions, leaving the clutch pressure bell in place fit all the plates as supplied in the following order too check there is adequate clearance between the friction plates and steels (obviously the 5 plate clutch has 2 plates less than the 6 plate clutch)
    5 & 6 plate clutch order

    1) red (or green for race kits) alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 2) long tanged 1mm steel facing towards you, 3) red alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 4) short tanged 1mm steel facing towards you, 5) red alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 6) 1mm steel, 7) alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 8) 1mm steel, 9) red alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 10) 1mm steel, 11) red alloy 2.3mm friction plate, 12) 2mm top plate

    If you have brought our complete 6 plate soft feel clutch with the NEW alloy clutch basket then you just fit it as any standard clutch as it comes complete no spacing involved and ready to go......

  3. Final fit with springs. Now proceed to fit the clutch assembly together, making sure you fit all the plates in the correct order :-

  4. If everything is fitted ok with the correct clearance as in sections 1 and 2 you can now proceed to refit the clutch plates, this time when they are wet. For standard clutch corks you should soak the corks in ST90 gear box oil, ideally overnight. For our green friction plates, they can just be dipped in ST90 gear oil before you fit them. The gearbox oil for Lambrettas is ST90, you can use SAE90, or SAE 85/90, but never use an EP rated oil. Once assembled, carry out one last clearance check, when fully compressed it should be between 1mm and 2mm then you are ALMOST good to go

  5. Check that the springs are seated in the recess's of the bottom clutch spider and also the recess's of the clutch pressure plate , you will here them click into place then you know that they are seated correctly. One tip is to use a torch and a phillips type screwdriver, and push the screw driver around and wiggle it to help force the springs into their recess and thus be aligned correctly. OK if you have made it this far, then you can fit the rest of the side casing back etc checking that the inside of the kick start is not rubbing on the clutch top plate. If it is, you will have to remove a small amount of material on the kick start shaft until it clears and can operate correctly.

  6. The clutch cable one very important final check! Some clutch set up's can be very stiff, this is mainly because the clutch cable is fitted badly and not lubricated correctly so you need to double check the following :-