With this new kit you no longer have to worry about running out of fuel when you go on reserve, which can be dangerous to your engine if you cruising along and suddenly your engine is not getting any fuel and of course any lubrication.

These instructions cover both types of kits, with standard warning light follow instructions marked(A), or with warning light built into the speeedo follow (B) version.
No drilling is required to fit these kits.

1) Drain any fuel out of your tank, and undo your existing fuel tap, using a 19mm spanner. To fit the new tap you may or may not need to take your tank out, as the tube is slightly longer than normal. With great care you can fit the tap with the tank in position, but do not in any way force the tube, if in doubt loosen the tank and move it to make access easier. Make sure the tap is tight, secure and does not leak.

2A)If you have brought the system with the seperate light :- For series three machines, undo the mudguard fixing from within the legshields on the left hand side (same side as the fuel tap is). The light unit is used to replace this bolt, how ever you are free to fit the light in another appropriate position if you wish. S1/2 machines, we suggest that the light is fitted to the top floor runner (end cap on 150/175 or channel on 125 models) but this will mean you need to enlarge the hole to accommodate the light. An alternative position for all applications is the bridge piece bolt, but this makes the light harder to see.

2B) If you have brought the system with the speedo with warning light built it, fit the speedo to your headset.

3) Run the supplied Orange wire from the fuel tap to the front of the scooter (or to where you fit the light), we suggest you follow the route of the wiring loom, and secure the wire so it does not interfere or hang loose. Cable ties can be used to secure it.

4A)systems supplied with seperate warning light :- Connect one end of the orange wire to the orange on the fuel tap, the other end to the chrome bulb unit, to the wire without the trace. Take the wire with a red trace from the light and connect it to a brown wire either in the headset, or a more suitable place should you wish.

4B) systems with the warning light built into the speedo :- Connect one end of the orange wire to the orange on the fuel tap, the other end to the black wire from the speedo light. Take the red wire from the speedo and connect it to a brown wire in the headset.

5)Connect the blue wire from the fuel tap connector wire to earth using, the frame leg or flywheel housing is an ideal place to do this.

Turn on and test the system, quick tip if you have to much fuel to allow the light to come on, tip the scooter over to the right hand side, the fuel will move and the float will drip allowing the light to come on!