Using the handle bar mirror brackets is one of the steadiest and easiest methods to use for actually seeing behind you! You can also use the brackets to affix flyscreens neatly without using the large brackets normally supplied with screens.
First of all using the long M8 bolt supplied, the C clip and washers, slide the bolt through the bracket, then the C clip, washer and nut. Do not tighten at this stage.
Slide the mirror head over the mirror stem, leave near the top and again do not tighten.
Remove the original headset top retaining screw, for which ever side you wish to fit the mirror.
There are two screws supplied in the kit, the longer screw is needed for Series 1 and 2 models, the shorter one for all series three models, Li, Li Special, TV, SX or GP
First you just need to make sure the screw supplied fits through the hole, as sometimes the plating is a little thick and can obstruct the screw. If this is the case, simply reem with a drill bit. Offer up the bracket and start to fit to the headset.
Continue to tighten the bracket, making sure the assembly points forwards with enough space for the mirror assembly.
Fit the stem and mirror, and then continue to tighten all parts whilst achieving the desired position for the mirror to give you a good rearward view.

If using the brackets to fix a flyscreen, then simply fix the rods in the flyscreen kit into the clips on the bracket.

Make sure all fixings are tight, and your mirror is adjusted correctly for good rearward vision!