We are extremely lucky in the UK, obtaining a registration document for an imported scooter, or a scooter that does not currently have a registration document is quite easy.

Registering A Scooter Which Has No Registration Or Log Book:. This covers all imported scooters, and all scooter sold by Cambridge Lambretta which do not come on the road. Points 1, 2 and 3 will not need to be done if Cambridge Lambretta supply you with a letter, please discuss this at the time of purchasing your scooter.
  1. Take a rubbing of the prefix and frame number (Note: you do not need to do this if the scooter has been MOT'd. Just send in the copy of the MOT certificate); The easiest way to do this is to stick masking tape over the numbers and letters, rub gently with a pencil or simi alar. Peel off the masking tape and then re stick it to a piece of paper.
  2. Write down the frame and engine number on the piece of paper also.
  3. Send these details to the Lambretta Club of Great Britain, the address is below.
  4. MOT the scooter, this will have to be done on the frame number.
  5. Insure the scooter, again the identity will be the frame number.
  6. Obtain and fill in a V55/5. You only need to fill in the parts that are relevant to a two wheeled motor scooter, ie you do not need to fill out such items as axle weight, seating capacity etc etc.
  7. Send the V55/5, a copy of your insurance certificate, the MOT, the letter of authentication from the LCGB, and the appropriate fee to your local DVLA office
  8. Many DVLA offices work in different ways, some require you to make an appointment for inspection of the scooter, some do not, some require you to have an appointment, some may let you just turn up, you must check what your DVLA requires you to do, they make the rules.
  9. The DVLA will then return your paper work amended in the appropriate ways. They will you notify you of your registration mark, send back an amended MOT, etc.
  10. Once you have these details back, you can then of course have made and fit a number plate to use on the public highways. You should also notify your insurance company of the vehicles registration number.

Registering A Scooter With A Registration Number (But No V5): This section covers scooters that have previously been registered in the UK and have a UK registration mark, proof of entitlement to that registration, but no V5 documents.

You will firstly need to prove entitlement to the registration number on your scooter. Contact DVLA and ask if they have any record of it. Once you have done this you will need to do the following:

Listed below are the answers to some popular questions.

Q. Can I ride my scooter to the MOT test station.
A. Legally speaking yes, as long as your scooter is booked into the MOT test station, and the test station is within a reasonable distance. By this the law means that if you live in Devon, and book a MOT with a station is Scotland, this is unacceptable, your nearest MOT station should be used. When booking the MOT, you should notify the test station of your frame number, so if you are stopped by the police, it can be verified you are indeed on your way for the MOT to be carried out. It may also be a good idea to write your frame number on the rear of the scooter, where the number plate would normally go, but this is not a legal requirement. Of course the scooter MUST be insured for use on public roads.

Q. While I am waiting for the DVLA to issue my registration can I ride my Lambretta.
A. No, you must then wait until the DVLA have issued a registration mark.

Q Can I ride my Scooter to the DVLA inspection
A. No, many DVLA offices will even refuse to inspect the scooter.

Q. Can I choose my registration letters.
A. No, one will be allocated to your vehicle, it will also be issued on a non transferable basis, meaning you cannot sell or transfer the numbers.

Q. What type/colour of number plate can I have on my scooter
A. It depends on the year your Lambretta is verified as being. Pre 1973 machines can display a number plate in black backing with white or silver letters, or the more modern yellow backed ones, with black letters. In all cases number plates will need to be made to the current legal requirements in terms of size and letter spacing etc. Machines with a registration date after 1973 can only display a yellow / black number plate.

Notes on number plates
The DVLA require number plate manufacturers to be registered manufacturers, also all companies supply number supply need to be registered as well. When purchasing number plates you are required by law to supply documentary evidence that you are entitled to have the registration plates made. This normally requires two documents, one to prove who you are, one to prove the registration numbers for your vehicle. You may in some instances be able to have "show plates" made, which differ in size and shape to the legal requirements, but of course these should not be used on vehicles whilst on the public highways. If caught and the DVLA prove that a company made them for you to use on the road, the DVLA have the power to fine and to revoke the license for the supplying company making the plates.

We are more then happy to carry out a registration service on your scooter or one you purchase from us, please ask for further details.