Welcome to our updated web site. Although it may look a little different, in truth it is the same website, it has just had a major update behind the scenes to work on almost all platforms. Mobile phones, tablets, as well as laptops and PCs.

PartsOn the shopping cart side we have split the different scooter models, so you can find the parts that fit your model easily. We have taken new pictures of just about every part we stock, which was no mean feat in itself, taking over six months. We are now working on re introducing the parts diagrams we had on the original site. There may be some small mistakes or issues while we work all through them, so please bear with us .

If you have any questions, need any help, or even have some suggestions for us, we would love to hear from you.

Petrol is changing

Worried about the new E10 fuel, not sure which petrol to use?

Lambretta ManWe try and keep a selection of classic Lambrettas in stock at all times. From projects you can take home and hide in your garage with, to fully restored models ready to go. We don't always have a large choice, as gone are the hey days of us finding scooters left right and centre. What we do have are all listed on our scooters for sale page. We can also sell your scooter for you with our sale or return service, we take care of every thing for you.

Parts & Accessories
PartsCambridge Lambretta was the first shop in the UK for offer full online shopping, opening up the world to mail order Lambretta parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From the comfort of your own home (or garage) you can quickly and easily choose the parts you need for your Lambretta and have them delivered to your door step ready to restore, repair, tune or customise your Lambretta. We also accept telephone and e-mail orders as well as personal callers, all of whom can choose from over 2000 lines of parts we have carefully chosen to stock based on our experience. We stock parts from Imola Racing, Casa Lambretta, Cuppini, Scootoipa, Dellorto, FAG, Rolf, MEC and many other quality parts suppliers. Remember we only stock what we have tried and tested and know to work, well tell you what you are buying and what we think of it, as well as standing by what we sell we guarantee all parts we sell


TuningThe world of Lambretta tuning has moved on from simple cubic conversion, and some port changes, using modern technology and manufacturing process we have helped to develop new exciting performance products. From Italy comes the Imola, Monza and Mugello range of alloy cylinder kits as well as the ground breaking Varitronic kits. We stock the BGM kits. GT from Richard Taylor and more. To back these up we also carry items from DellOrto carbs, including a new range of power jet models, JL performance expansion exhaust and much more. For modern speed, whilst still retaining total reliability we have a product to suit your scooter, what ever your needs.


RestorationsRight from when we first opened our doors in 1989, we have been producing show winning restored scooters, basing our restorations on quality and perfection. Our passion and expertise is restoring scooters to their former glory, just as they left the factory. Of course if you prefer to modernise your scooter with differing paint schemes, modern performance, or accessories we can oblige. While we will be the first to admit our restorations are not cheap, if your aim is quality and perfection, then check our restoration pages for more information.

Help & Advice

Help & Advice We get calls and emails from all over the world, asking for help. Over the years we have written many help and advice articles, all of which have been reproduced on this web site. At the very top of each page you can see our sticky menu. The help and information is all there for you to browse. Gear charts, suggested set ups for kits, jetting advice, screen savers and more

We have a mini guide on the history of the Innocenti factory, as well as the scooters and three wheeled vehicles it produced. Don't forget to visit our fun page as well, for downloads and interesting items. Dont forget if you can not find what you are looking for, or just want some simple help, contact us here

We have these items on order Date Expected
Electronic Ignition - Li/SX/TV Casatronic 22/09/2031
Speedo Kit - Complete 52 - 55 31/12/2025
Legshields - LD 31/12/2025
Centre Stand S1/2 - Stainless 31/12/2025
Splash plate - Stainless Steel 31/12/2025
Wheel Alloy - Blue 30/12/2025