Fuel Treatment - Silkolene Pro FST

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Multi-functional fuel treatment. Protects against cold start wear, corrosion, carburettor icing, deposit build up problems, stalling and rough running at low engine revs.

SILKOLENE PRO FST can be used in leaded and unleaded fuel and in both 2 and 4-stroke engines.
It reduces the incidence of pre-ignition and also enhances the fuel?s octane rating to a small extent.

Recommended mix ratio:-
SILKOLENE PRO FST is recommended to be used at a concentration of 1% to 2%
For 1% mix 100 parts fuel to 1 part PRO FST
For 2% mix 50 parts fuel to1 part PRO FST.
This fits :-Oil & Lubricants
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it will work in any petrol engine, car, scooter, lawn mower etc.

Hi - It is not two stroke, it is a fuel treatment to be used to combat the effects of Ethanol. You still need your normal 2 stroke.
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