Gearbox 5 Speed - AF close ratio five speed

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AF Close Ratio Gearbox, This is the standard version of Rayspeed's 5 speed gearbox.
The ratios are :-
1st (10 - 45)
2nd (13 - 41)
3rd (16 - 38)
4th (18 - 36)
5th (19 - 34)

If set up with 18 - 47 sprockets it will have the following drive ratios :-
11.75 - 8.24 - 6.20 - 5.22 - 4.67. This slightly larger jump (12%) between 4th and 5th is better for more top speed and better crusing ability,
This fits :-Series 1, Li Series 3, Li Special, TV 175 / 200, SX 150 / 200, GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200, Series 2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry not enough information from you, need for what? This one is more relaxed top gear, better for touring work etc. If you have a more revvy set up, then the other type would be better for you. We only stock this one.
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