Electronic Ignition - GP Varitronic Heavy

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To fit crankshaft type - GP
Timing - Variable
Power Type - AC or DC
Power Output - 90w
Flywheel Weight - 2.00 kg
Ideal for - Piston ported engines standard or mildly tuned

Complete electronic ignition system which includes the following :-
Flywheel, stator plate, CDI, lighting regulator, instructions, wiring diagram.

Light weight flywheels (1.65kg) work better with reed valve kits, and promote better acceleration over some loss of top speed.
Heavier weight flywheels (2.00) work better with piston ported kits and achieve better top end speed.
Both a lighter then standard factory flywheels and Indian derived kits which weigh in at at 2.6kg, so give far better throttle repsonse and performance.

The Varitronic is a high quality electronic ignition kit, which features variable timing to promote better power from your Lambretta engine!

As standard Lambretta engines feature a fixed timing system, whether with the factory points and condensor, or uprated electronics. To gain maximum power from your two stroke engine, increasing the ignition timing, or advance, give hugh leaps in power gains. The down side to increasing timing is at high revs the cylinder is working exteremly fast, temperature and pressure increase to such a point that melting of the piston occurs. To overcome this and still give you maximum power low down (useable torque) the Varitronic is pre programmed to advance and retard the ignition timing on your Lambretta.

As well as offering up to 10 degrees of advance and retard with its pre programmed power curve, the Varitronic is capable of supplying AC and or DC from one system, 90 watts of power! Fully tested on Imola, Monza, Mugello and even TS1, this high quality system has been found to improved power output by as much as 1bhp. While this may not sound a lot, by gaining 1bhp just from an electronic ignition system is very good. Power can also be found to develop earlier then with static timing. This unique system supplies 2 sparks per revolution, meaning the system helps to fire the waste exhaust gases out to the exhaust, giving a cooler, cleaner running engine.
This fits :-Performance, GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - At fast idle, set the timing to either 21 degrees if using a standard / big bore / Ancillotti type exhaust, or 19 degrees if using any expansion chamber. More details here :- https://www.lambretta.co.uk/downloads/varitronic.html
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