Ignition Switch - Non Battery

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Ignition switch remade from original Innocenti drawings to exact specification. This is the OSAM based version, non battery, even wth the keys stamped with their numbers as original.

Wires are as original :-

Green - to green in loom - ignition
Brown - to brown in loom - lights - extension to horn
Purple - to purple in loom - aux lights/horn (if using electronic loom join to browns)
Back - to black in loom - rear light & speedo
Yellow - side lights
Orange - to light switch

N.B. You can use these switches in Li series one, two or three for an ignition on off.
The easist way to do this would be to use the pink as earth, and the green to the loom.
Ignore all other wires.
You will need to dremel or grind away some metal within the Li headsets, as the actualy body of the switch is bigger then the cut out button you are trying to replace.
This fits :-Li Special, TV 175 / 200, SX 150 / 200, GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200
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