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The diameter of the hose and air filter are both 55mm
Another first from CLW, a remote filter system that fits underneath the panel work of your Lambretta on reed valve Imola & Monza engines. Of course the filter system also works on the Mugello kits, and many other types of cylinder kit. The beauty of the kit is the rubber and filter system even if the panel touches it, retains a very high air volume area, hardly restricting performance at all. At maximum we could only achieve a 5% reduction in performace, which is exceptionally good for an air filtered system.
We have fitted and tested this on Mugello set ups with no issues.
Ideally this needs to be fitted to the latest generation of Imola/Monza manifolds as these give the most amount of panel clearance. These can be identified by the reed block being recessed into the manifold itself. For maximum air flow you should ensure the carburettor to manifold is no longer then 30mm
Whilst this system may work on other cylinder kits and carburettor designs, we can only offer advice and fitting help on Mugello / Imola / Monza kits using PHBH carburettors.
The diameter of the hose and air filter are both 55mm
This fits :-Performance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - Yes it does fit the PHBH 26mm, not the PHBL

Hi - Yes we use this all the time, it fits ok. Some scooters it will rub the panel, others no problem. When it gets squashed it ovalises. Sorry not sure of how it compares to the Chiselspeed filter, never seen one.

Hi - Yes they are currently with a red band and have been for some time.

Hi - It will affect it to a degree, but that depends what you have now, and how well it is set up. You are correct. if any thing it will richen it.

Hi - Yes it does

Hi - £19.99, or the RamAir Filter version £27.99
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