Fuel Tap - Fast Flow Rear Exit

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NOW WITH original sized filter and reserve length.
In the past, the filter length and hose for the reserve has been much higher then original fuel taps meaning that the amount of fuel before you went on reserve was minimal. NOW you will have far more range before you run out of fuel!
These rear exit fuel taps were designed by Cambridge Lambretta to overcome the fast flow problem of the fuel outlet being to close to the engine mount and flywheel cowl. This can cause problems with the fuel hose rubbing on the engine mount, and kinking thus starving the engine of fuel/air/oil.

Well not any more, the CLW fast flow has the fuel pipe exit at the rear, still giving the same excellent flow rate as the normal fast flow. A fast flow fuel tap, is a must on any tuned engine as it allows more fuel through per mintue then standard taps.

Made in Italy, Quality excellent.

Brilliant little product, i have been using mine for over a year now and cant see there being any issues with it ever. I did have an inline fuel filter and found that it restricted the flow too much for my setup. That is now gone and everything is great..no problem getting to 75 with my Mugello and 28mm PHBH setup.

Rated by Philip powell
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This fits :-Performance, Series 1, Li Series 3, Li Special, TV 175 / 200, SX 150 / 200, GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200, Series 2
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