Adjustable Power Jet kit

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Unique adjustable powerjet kit which can be fitted to almost any carburettor. The kit needs your carburettor float bowl and body to be drilled. We offer a fitting service should you not be confident in doing this yourself.

The main problem with standard carbs is that they rely heavily on the atomiser and main jet, and as such the main jet is required to deliver the fuel over too large a throttle opening. This means to get your jetting correct fairly correct, at some point you will have lean spot(s); lean spots create heat, heat creates holes or seizures. The power jet adds a 4th dimension to the setting up and tuning of a safe reliable engine, especially now with the extra ethanol being added by fuel companies which promotes further heat into your engines. The Power jet allows extra fuelling in the mid range, which let's face it is where most engines sit when cruising and vulnerable.

The idea behind the power jet is to inject fuel when it is needed at those points where jetting cannot cope with real time demand. Supplying the correct fuel volumes at exact times stops many things holes in pistons, heat seizures, heat expansion etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - Yes it can be fitted to almost any carb as long as there is room. The TMX has enough room.
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