Lambretta Complete Spanners Manual

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Complete Spanners Manual THIRD EDITION is a pictorial guide to running, repairing, modernizing and restoring the classic Lambretta scooter.

The book is laid out in an easy-to-follow pictorial format with hundreds of colour photographs and technical tips to make fixing and using a Lambretta as trouble-free as possible.



New Chapters
Current Advice
Latest Techniques
100s of additions
1000s of changes
New Appendices
All images re-edited
Chapters include:

Tools for the job
Scooter use and maintenance
Fault diagnosis
Common repair work
Engine strip
Checking, selecting and preparing engine components
Original spec engine rebuild
Advanced engine building
Exhaust systems
Electrical and Ignition systems
Ignition timing
Carburation and fuel system
Chassis strip
Checking, selecting and preparing chassis components
Wheels, brakes, steering and suspension
Chassis rebuild
Special parts produced for Lambretta Slimstyles
Besides chapters on stripping and rebuilding both chassis and engines in original format, the book also covers advanced engine building to make use of the many improved parts that have become available for these machines over the past 30 years. In a world where original factory parts are no longer available, those rebuilding a scooter need all the help they can get to identify quality components.

The book will be of great use to those restoring scooters since it contains information on identifying many of the commonly confused parts from various models. Appendices include lists of all the available original and special gearboxes produced and how to identify them, as well as colour wiring diagrams, torque settings and jetting details for standard machines.
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