Crank / Layshaft Jack Up Shim - 0.5

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  • Weight:0.01 grams
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This shim can be used in two areas of the engine, depending if you need to or not! We produce this one at 1.00mm or another slimmer one at 0.05mm.
We have found over the years when using differing combinations of layshaft, gearbox end plate etc, it can be difficult to get every thing to align up, and the fact you need a hugh, or even two first gear shim. If you fit this between the rear hub bearing, and the layshaft, you can then get thins back into alignment, and use a sensible sized first gear sihm.
The second place you can use this is to gain more clearance for the crank when it sits too close to the drive side plate. Of course if you use the shim in this place, you need to fit a thicker Mag side gasket, and check the alignment of the gudgeon pin to piston.
This fits :-Performance, Series 1, Li Series 3, Li Special, TV 175 / 200, SX 150 / 200, GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200, Series 2
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