Speedo Digital SIP - Black S1/S2

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Latest 2.0 version wehre the main needle is now programmable view revs or speed. Viewable display information includes rev counter, average speed, clock, speed, thermometer, odometer and trip distance. SIP have designed the digital Speedo assembly to run on either 12 volt AC or DC.

N.B these require the use of a Resisted spark plug and cap.

Our fast flow with fuel tap warning will plug straight into the SIP speedo and give a low fuel warning.
There are three ways to get the speed reading.
1) Standard cable set up, screw it straight into the speedo as per original.
2) Totally electronic. For this you need the sensor, magnet(s). The problem with doing it this way is on the front forks, when you break and the forks dip so to speak, its no longer lined up with the pick up, so you can loose signal temporarily. Most people for this reason put the sensors on the rear wheel.
3) The newest way is if the drive is good in the hub, they now do a drive to electronic convertor. Fits exactly the same at the wheel end, but gets converted to an electrical signal for the head set end.

The functions of the SIP Rev counter/Speedometer:

Analogue rev counter up to 12 or 14000 rpm, according to model.
Maximum digitally displayed speed: 199 kph or 140 mph.
Maximum temperature: 250?C or 32-482?F for cylinder head or cooling water temperature, a temperature sensor for the spark plug is also included in the delivery.

Along with optionally available functions:

Maximum digitally displayed rpm : up to 14000 rpm
Maximum total measurable distance travelled: 99999 km or miles.
'A' stage distance extended to 9999,9 km or miles.
Maximum 'A' stage time 99,59 h.
Maximum average 'A' stage speed 199 kph or 140 mph.

The SIP Rev counter/Speedometer 2.0 possess the following extra functions :

As an alternative to an analogue rev counter, the speedometer needle can also display maximum speeds of up 140 kph/mph
Maximum speed: 199 kph or 140 mph.
Maximum rpm.
Maximum temperature
Maximum 'B' stage distance: 9999,9 kph/mph.
Maximum 'B' stage journey time 99.59h.
Maximum average 'B' stage speed 199 kph or 140 mph.
Adjustable total journey distance.
Five back-light brightness settings.
Fuel reserve warning.
This fits :-Series 1, Series 2
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - You're question does not have a lot of information. I would say you either have a loose wire or earth, over voltage or a faulty unit. Other then that, we need more info. Have you just brought it and fitted it, and it has done this from new fitting? How old is the unit, V1 or V2, have you changed any thing lately or done any different. Is it powered by AC or DC, and what coloured wires is it plugged into. is it just this that turns off, or do you loose any thing else on the scooter, eg horn, brake light. Have you checked what voltage are you getting when it turns off?
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