Oil Mixture Bottle SIP

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Oil Bottle SIP Squeeze,

500ml, scale 1:50, 1:25, 1:33,
with screwcap

The SIP 'Squeeze Fuel-Oil Dispenser' makes the process of manually adding fuel-oil to your fresh petrol as easy and as comfortable as never before! Simply invert the filled dispenser unit when closed, undo the safety-screw, measure off the desired amount of oil and squeeze it out! The special 'Squeeze-valve' prevents any unnecessary oil escaping, even when the valve is facing the floor! At last a solution to the problem of being left with an oily sticky oil bottle, following refuelling, which inevitably spreads its way around the rest of the toolbox and its contents.

This SIP 'Squeeze fuel-oil dispenser features include :
* A special 'Squeeze-valve' for drip-free use.
* A fuel-mixture scale displaying all common fuel-mixture ratios - 1:50 (original), 1:33 (tuned) and 1:25 (vintage).
* All fuel-mixture ratio markings are legible while the dispenser is inverted for use. XL sized filler opening for easier refilling.
* Safety-screw to prevent accidental opening.
* This dispenser can store enough fuel-oil to allow 5 x 5L of petrol to be mixed at a ratio of 1:50.

This fits :-Oil & Lubricants
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Hi, It really depends on your engine specification and quality of oil used. Please visit http://www.lambretta.co.uk/clw_basic.php for more details
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