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M6x1.0 mm/M7x1.0 mm/M8x1.25 mm

The SIP stud removers make up a practical tool set that enables the rapid fitting and removal of the motor studs found on Vespa engines.

If you have ever had to employ the potentially damaging method of tightening two nuts together on the thread of a stubborn stud to remove or fit it, you will much appreciate the ease with which these items can be dealt with using a dedicated stud removal tool. The SIP stud remover is simply screwed onto the exposed stud thread and fixed in place with the Allen key bolt and ball-bearing lock, located on the top of the device. The stud can then be safely rotated in either direction with the help of a ratchet drive or similar. We have the specific M6x1.0/M7x1.0/M8x1.25 sized stud removers available separately or in a set of three.

TIP : To remove the studs we recommend to heat them up a little bit. When fitting, a dab of Loctite thread lock liquid should also be applied for a secure fit!
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