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If you want a standard looking exhaust, but with the most power possible, especially on bigger cc engines then you will not beat the Avanti ST!
The ST version of the Avanit exhaust gives more power and rev on over the standard. ST stands for Straight Through, and so has no internal baffles of muffling to stiffle power. The exhaust does come with an end can to keep noise down to a level that wont burst your ear drums. Like the Gori boxes, ST can be a touch loud, but it?s a small price to pay for the extra power you gain.
The power of these exhaust is really good and strong, and makes more power then its rivals.

I have had both the standard Avanti and more recently the ST and I do conclude that I prefer the ST both in terms of the sound and looks, its hard for me to compare power as the ST has been fitted alongside the 198 Mugello cylinder kit and 28 dellorto carb, where as the standard avanti was fitted alongside the 186 kit and 26 carb, but overall I am very happy with the quality of the finish, the sound, the performance but most importantly the look as I am not keen on the majority of performance exhaust that in my opinion ruin the appearance of series 1 .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - Very good, but it depends what you are comparing it to. More details can be found here :- http://www.lambretta.co.uk/clw_exhaust.php

Hi - Ron Moss Avanti every time.

Hi - What exhaust do you have now, and why are you changing it? Do you need to buy a new exhaust because your current one is broken. or you want to change it because of....?

Hi - Sorry no, the RB has a different angle of exhaust.
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