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Price: £499.99

  • Our Part Number:frame
  • Original Part No:N/A
  • Weight:500.00 grams
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Should you want more photos or a more detailed account, please tell us what it is you want the photos of and what in particular you want us to check. We have 20 frames, they all look like a lambretta frame, so please be specific.

Used frames direct from India, they have been given a coat of primer over the top of any crud or rubbish.

Please note these frames are second hand, no garuntee of straightness, condition or how much work is needed for them to be road worthy if at all.
We are trying to work through each frame as we come to them, some are better then others, some with numbers, some without. Some have visible damage etc.

They are stored in our upstairs right in the roof, to get you more detailed photos is very time consuming. You are more then welcome to come and visit to pick your frame. We can post within the UK, but it will be on the pallet system and subject to a quote from Palletways.
Should you choose to have your frame sent mail order, although you are welcome to return it for a full refund, ALL delivery charges are NOT refundable.

There is no discount, warrenty implied or other wise. These frame as sold subject to needing work / for spares.

1) Sold
2) GP200 with clear numbers/ Fork tube pitted. £650 ** More photos in the FAQ section below
3) Sold
4) Sold
5) Sold
6) AP Model, no numbers £350 ** More photos in the FAQ section below
7) Sold
8) Sold
9) Sold
10) Sold
11) Sold
12) No numbers found yet, visible pitting under the primer to the frame tube. £400 ** More photos in the FAQ section below
13) Sold
14) Not checked yet Presuming £500
15) Not checked yet Presuming £500
16) Not checked yet Presuming £500
17) Not checked yet Presuming £500
18) Not checked yet Presuming £500
19) Sold
20) Not checked yet Presuming £500
This fits :-GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - Pictures of frame #8 are now online, you can view them in the parts detail FAQ section.

Hi - All the ones we have left are listed.

Hi - Please read the description for prices, conditions of frames and postage details.

Hi - Sorry we cannot answer your questions in regards to the legal requirements as we are unsure. The frames we have are mostly from the 1970's and 1980's but we have not dated any of them yet, unless it states in the description.

Hi - sorry no

Hi, yes the stock levels are correct on the web site.

We have not dated them all yet, but suspect Mid 1980's

It would have to go on a pallet system, from £50.00 to £75.00 I would think.

Hi - Yes it is


Hi - The list is current and up to date.

Hi - Yes of course, no problem collection during opening hours is fine.
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