Electric Start - GP Type

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As well as an electric start kit for all Lambrettas with GP style crankshafts, this kit also comes with a Varitronic igniiton.

The kit includes every thing you need to turn your scooter into an electric start model :-

1)Magento housing, with the starter motor
2)Complete Varitronic ELESTART kit. This is a complete electronic ignition kit for your scooter, including the electric start flywheel, stator plate, CDI and regulator. Should you have a Varitronic ignition already fitted to your scooter, we can reduce the cost of this kit and just supply you the flywheel on its own,
3) Battery with battery tray. The battery needed is larger then a standard Lambretta one, so this and a tray is supplied.
4) All wires, relay, starter switch and instructions.

The starter switch is mounted from the original switch housing, no drilling is required, although you might need to make a slighly opening for the wire.
This fits :-GP (DL) 125 / 150 / 200
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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi - £150.00

Hi - By Caret ring do you mean the toothed ring on the flywheel? Best to send us an email direct to info@lambretta.co.uk as we cannot send pictures via the web site.

Hi - Yes they are, we got the GP kit in first as a tester. We will be stocking the Li kit soon.

Hi - Varitronics run AC lights, but it charges a battery (DC) for the electric start.

Hi - Every thing you need to install the electric start is supplied. Fitting this has nothing to do with changing or modifying your current set up unless changing from a non electronic ignition.
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